Half Blind

Another update! After i don't know how many days/months/years!
So lately i feel like updating my journal but everything coming to my mind is in english so i'm like "but my personal personal blog is in spanish.. there's no way i'm writing that stuff in spanish" and then i don't write anything lol

So, now i'm writing here ;D

Today i had to go to school, i only had math classes. I was supposed to wake up at 7am (because for me, the earliest, the slower i am). My class was at 11am. I was so so sleepy that those usually 'five more minutes' turned in hour and a half. Yeah i woke up at 8:30am and thought maybe i shouldn't go to school after all. Nah, it wasn't like that, i actually thought it was already 11am, but when i watched the colck it was 8:30am lol so i was like 'well i guess i'll go to school'.

That's me! Being lazy~ took my time to dress and do my hair and everything. Then i wore my contact lenses and left. When i was in the bus suddenly my stupid right eye started to hurt? it was more that hurt, it was like burning and itchy and burning and itchy! At first i thought it was because of the contacts, but nooo! it was my stupid eye! So when i got to the next bus station, i went to the restroom and took one of the lenses off. But, since it's me and since it's my stupid right eye, it was still burning-itchy-redish after taking the contacts off.

What did i do? I said... well i guess it's going to be itchy just for now, it'll pass. But it didn't, one hour later i got to school. Everybody (at the street and school) was with a face like "what's wrong with her?.. She looks weird... Is she crying?" and i was like "stop looking at me you... it's just that i'm cosplaying Mukuro something's wrong with me stupid eye!".

I don't even know how i survived getting to school with practicaly just one eye (i'm pretty blind lol). I told the teacher that i was dying half blind and that maybe i needed to go to the clinic and he told me it was ok for me to go, so i left. And again, i don't know how I survived getting back to my house.

And about my eye... well i guess it's ok now. It doesn't hurt anymore, but i thinkg i won't be able to wear my contacts for a while... i need to go to the doctor lol

That's it! That was my day today :D maybe i should post this in spanish for my personal personal blog after all lol
I didn't check the spell so probably a lot of non-sense here lol
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Before After~

Before .. Aftah! ... Before.. Aftah! < Shige xD

today i learned that the cute plant that i took picture a few months ago ...

... is dying ;3;

it seems that nobody cares about that poor plant...


Ok so today i bought the camera for my photography class 8DD. I was supposed to wake up early but i woke up at 11am hahaha. Anyway i went to Bestbuy to buy the new camera. I chose the camera, actually i went there knowing already which one to choose. Then when i was about to pay, the cashier said "it's $600" and i was like WHAT $600?! WAIT.. WHAT?! and he said it was $600 and i told him that i saw the price online and it was cheaper so he checked the website and yeah! i was right! it was cheaper and it wasn't an "online only" price D: ... anyway i paid what i was supposed to pay, less than $600, almost $150 less!!

Then ... then.. nothing i got home and realized that i forgot to buy a new adapter for my microSD so i went to radioshack walking D: it was like 88° out there DDD: but yeah, i went walking. When i got there, the store was FULL!! and i was like omg ;_; this store is never like this, why is full when i want to buy and go back quickly?... after half an hour in the store (i'm not kidding!!) i bought a new microSD and a new adapter.

I got home, again. I turned on the camera to test it... and the first picture was from my bedroom :D

I know it's not the best picture ever, but i was just testing! and.. forget about my mess and those weird ponies/unicorns/whatever in the wall xDD when i moved here that wallpaper was already there~ ....

mmm what else?.. nothing xD i must read the camera's manual because there are a lot of things that i have to know xD...

ok that's it, i just wanted to update my journal~

... no lj-cut because i'm lazy~ sorry xD
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I was watching "Al fondo hay sitio" a peruvian drama (mm actually it's like comedy)
and my mom left the room for a while and when she came back i was telling here what happened

Me: Mom mom! Nicolas wanted to go to the bathroom and Joel was with him.. so he said "Joel, i'm going to the bathroom, don't steal anything!"
Mom: HAHAHAHAHA that's what you always tell to Melissa! (meli_29 )

Then i remembered Melissa trying to still my Massu Fridge Magnet xDD

Suddenly . . .

People 8D

I'm going back to Peru, i'll be there for a month~

I don't know why i'm writing this here if nobody cares about it lol

Oh and there's something i have to say. I don't remember if i wrote about Haru, the cat~
Well yesterday he came back and i took a picture!

awww he's so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

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Waka Waka!

Today i found this pictures that i simply the best!

the big guy at the back says: Boss, he doesn't want to talk
Boss: Put the Waka Waka. (let him listen to the waka waka)

That pic reminds me to kozumifan because we were talking about it in my last entry!

by the way.. you can listen Waka Waka by Shakira here

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Nothing special :)

lately i feel like updating my journal hahaha (omg my blogger is dead~ i should update it too!)
Today i woke up early~ at 10am.. i didn't have breakfast because i wasn't hungry~
i had lunch ... i was supposed to eat some pasta but i was so lazy that instead of making some pasta,
I ate rice (that i left yesterday xD) with the sauce that i should use in the pasta (?) yeah weird~

Today i completely forgot about the FIFA World Cup opening.. i turned on the tv and saw..
it was already 2:00 pm </3
the concert started at 1pm ;_;
well at least i saw Juanes!! ..
Tengo la camisa negra (8) porque negra tengo el alma (8)..

Then Arturo came back from his work and asked me if i wanted to go out...
he wanted to buy some fruits~
and i was like .. eh!? but i have to do my hair (translation=if you really want me to go you have to wait like 20minutes because i have to do my hair)
and he said, ok do your hair, i'll wait~
so then i went out and i couldn't see the whole concert -3-

We bought some fruits~ orange juice <3 (i can't live without it xD)
and then Arturo bought me a Berry Smooth~

(That's my cell phone charm~ :3)

By the way i didn't finish the Berry Smooth..
i hardly ever eat/frink everything specially if it is sweet (really sweet xD)

and.. that's all i just came back from the store and wanted to update my jorunal :)

uhh~ next week to LA!!

(sorry f-list i'm so lazy to use a lj-cut~)
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I need a...

I was talking with Tegumi about ... about Johnnys and money
then i told her that i was poor!
then it came an idea~
"i'm going to create a facebook group looking for a good-looking-japanese guy that would like to support me"
with support i mean mostly economically xD
then i told her "but if there's a pervert? a pedo? an assassin?"
and Tegumi said "you should say 'not perverts' "
is that possible? i mean doing something like that can work? hahaha xDD


Now i'm free~ no more classes~ summer vacation.. Yey! Yey.. Yey? -3-

I   H A V E   N O T H I N G   T O   D O !

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